Thursday, October 21, 2010

Friday, September 24, 2010

Netflix Queue Patterns

It's a rather bit silly I suppose but, rather than just randomly add movies and go through them on the queue as they come out I've generally ordered my queue (as of recently anyway) on the following sort of pattern:

Season of Doctor Who (this is something I only began recently so I'm on Bill Hartnell's (The First Doctor) 1st Season)
Movie from the 1930's
Movie from the 1940's
Movie from the 1950's
Movie from the 1960's
Movie from the 1970's
Movie from the 1980's
Movie from the 1990's
Movie from the 2000's
Season of X-Files (The 4th will be the one I'm coming up on)
A random short non-anime series (i.e. something with only one or two seasons or a BBC show since those typically only have around 6 episodes to a season) or some miscellaneous things like music video collections, etc.

And then the cycle starts up again for another season of Doctor Who. Being as I have a nice sizable list in a notepad file of movies I've been wanting to check out I haven't really needed to use the recommendations on Netflix yet. However, to the surprise of well... nobody, the 1930's list is the shortest so I probably will have to start checking the recommendations in that regard eventually. Or alternatively, I could just phase that part out of the pattern for the time being and check out recommendations once I'm down to only movies from the 2000's (which will take an extremely long time considering the amount of 70's and 90's movies I've got to watch)

Being that I should be through X-Files much sooner than Doctor Who I've put a little bit of thought of what lengthy series will replace it. Part of me is thinking of watching through The Wire again but another part thinks I should check out something I haven't watched before but in either case, I'd like the show I end up picking to not be sci-fi.

So those of you with Netflix or another monthly DVD rental service do you follow a pattern in particular with what you rent or do you just watch what you feel in the mood for at the time? Hell, even if you don't have Netflix or anything of the sort you can still go ahead and comment with what sort of pattern you would follow for renting if you did have a Netflix account.

Talking of the first thing on the pattern list my next blog entry will very likely be Doctor Who related so look forward to geeking out with me or rolling your eyes!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

New Things, New Things Everywhere

Just as I decided to start a new blog site thing today, fate has also put a new calico kitten in my home. Quite an adorable one she is, amusingly enough if she does not seemed easily phased by things.. last cat would get freaked out by a lot of things, she knocks over a spray bottle (don't worry it's not for punishment, it's for plants) and she's all "Whatever." quite nonchalant. :3

So tell me about the hardcore bad-ass ways of your pets past or present and also what's new in your lives? Tell me, no matter how meager.